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L2F 013 Travis Luther and The Fun Side of the Wall


Show Notes

  • Travis Luther is a speaker, entrepreneur and author of The Fun Side of the Wall. He is also Director for Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Road Founders College of Business Incubator. He holds a masters degree in sociology from the University of Colorado Denver.
  • His podcast features two stories: 1) overcoming adversity to achieve success and 2) his book The Fun Side of the Wall
  • Travis and his two brothers grew up in rural WA in poverty. His father was an alcoholic and drug user. He died when Travis was a teenager.
  • Travis collected aluminum cans and mowed lawns to help out. His realized that making money would help him escape poverty.
  • When you grow up in poverty you don’t have role models and people tend to avoid you, i.e. you don’t get a lot of help.
  • To be a successful entrepreneur your business is not just an avenue to income. It has to solve a problem and you need to have some expertise.
  • You get rich in your niche
  • Travis’s two brothers followed a path to crime and addiction.
  • He doesn’t know why he went another way. But the motivation was to get attention. It was just they choose a different direction.
  • The mindset was I want someone to see me.
  • Travis’s story shows that you do not need to come from privilege to achieve FI
  • He had to dig into his own education which is the key to making change happen.
  • Before Travis started his research into why people retire to Mexico, his assumption (like ours) was that it was for low income people.
  • He interviewed Boomers in Mexico’s Lake Chapala area and discovered most are middle to upper income who want more authentic community and a little adventure.
  • His interview subjects did worry about money and were fiscally responsible.
  • They also feel alienated from the US culture of consumerism and focus on youth.
  • They are 60% progressive, 40% independent, upper income, 16% have advanced degrees and on average retire 5 years before their US counterparts.
  • Many volunteer on local community projects.
  • Travis calculates that a couple can have a great retirement that lasts 25 years with savings of $370k.
  • Travis is working on a new book which features everybody else. Younger people are using Mexico as a place to live better while working for a US company, save more and retire earlier.
  • Many people are now using social media to learn about retiring in Mexico and show up sight unseen.
  • The two most common questions Travis gets are is it safe and what’s the health care like. He says that retirees feel as safe in Mexico as they feel in the US. The standard of health care is comparable to the US with the exception of longer wait times.
  • Mexico does not have a system of long term health care which is a concern. It is one reason why people would move back to the US. But there are some assisted care facilities opening up to serve ex-pats.
  • Mexico is very diverse in terms of geography, climate and things to do. So it pays to do some research.
  • Travis plans to move his family to Mexico in 8 years. They are taking a Spanish class on Zoom.
  • Travis’s book, The Fun Side of the Wall, is available at and also at
  • He can be reached at
  • Mexico is a great option to cut costs, accelerate your savings and achieve your dreams. Prices are 200% less than in the US.

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