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L2F 019 Return of The Dragons We Welcome Back to the Show The Dragons on FIRE


Show Notes for The Dragons on FIRE

  • Claire and I first met the Dragons on FIRE at FinCon 2019. We recorded our conversation and added it to several others to create a podcast episode: Live from FinCon 2019
  • They returned as guests on an episode of our previous show FIREwalkers: The Dragons on FIRE
  • Dragon Guy and Dragon Gal’s blog is called which is about their experience as early retirees.
  • Dragon Guy left his full-time job in November 2019. He picked up a part-time three month contract assignment from his former boss in January 2020.
  • They canceled their travel plans for spring and summer due to the virus. However, they got to visit several state parks.
  • Dragon Gal retired three years before Dragon Guy.
  • When Dragon Guy retired, Dragon Gal was concerned how it would affect her retirement because she has a comfortable retirement routine.
    • People who retire at different times often experience “marital compression”. For example, The Dragons discovered they need separate offices.

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Show Notes for The Dragons on FIRE – Continued

  • Dragon Guy has chronic myeloid leukemia (2011). Fortunately his prognosis looks very good.  In two years, baring any setbacks, he’ll be cured!
  • His cancer experience puts into perspective what’s important (there’s a better way to live with less stress) and not (work).
  • Dragon Gal’s first year of retirement was about experiencing freedom – being the boss of her own time. Now in year three, early retirement is more about finding meaning and purpose.
  • She discovered she misses spending time with children (she was a teacher). So she took a contract assignment to teach them creative writing.
  • Dragon Gal is project driven. She likes being busy for a defined period followed by a stretch of downtime.
  • During the pandemic, they developed a routine to get through the day which helps not stressing over what they’re missing.
  • The tone of their blog has morphed into a personal journal.
  • Dragon Guy is the primary blogger. Dragon Gal provides editing support.
  • They’re considering writing more posts about the financial side of early retirement because people are starting to focus more on personal finances.
  • Dragon Gal shares that there’s still no date for the release of a movie  she performed in last year.
  • Her improv group meets using Zoom. They’re working on how to use Zoom to perform for an audience.
  • Now that they’re both retired, they’re more aware of each person’s skills and are able to apply them in complimentary ways. For example, Dragon Gal benefits from the schedule that Dragon Guy creates.

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