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L2F 021 Second Act Entrepreneurship with Kristen Edens Why It's Not Too Late to Start a Business


Show Notes

  • Our guest is copyrighter writer and blogger Kristen Edens of
    • Her blog features life after 50: career, family, personal finance and retirement.
    • You can find Kristen on LinkedIn at Kristen Reed Edens.
    • Her Twitter handle is @scribblerKris.

Our Topic is Second Act Entrepreneurship

  • She was formerly an exercise physiologist before starting her second act.
  • A second act is a post-primary job activity that boosts you and your income.
  • Ageism motivates people to pursue second acts.
  • Second acts relate to the FIRE movement in two ways: 1) provides identity and purpose; and 2) income.
  • Kristen believes that anyone can become an entrepreneur. All that’s required is an idea, a willingness to explore it and taking that first step.
  • For example, her brother converted his model train hobby into a repair business .
  • Kristen is in the early stages of starting up a family heirloom quilting business.
  • There are two hurdles people have to overcome to take their idea to reality: 1) mindset and 2) money.
  • People procrastinate out of fear or a belief they need a lot of money. Limiting beliefs hold you back.
  • An MVP mindset (Minimally Viable Product) is a way to overcome limiting beliefs.
  • Kristin encourages entrepreneurs to ask “where are you going to find your audience” (not just “who’s your audience”)?
  • To find your audience ask what led to your idea or who likes what you’re doing.
  • Think about where you can find like-minded people.
  • Kristin helps people learn how to use digital marketing channels. She strongly encourages having a website or Facebook group.
  • Sometimes you have to overcome doubters to continue on your entrepreneurial journey. In fact Kristin’s mother was so doubtful of her second act that she offered to pay for counseling!
  • Freedom of self-expression also motivates people to pursue a second act.
  • Many entrepreneurs like to give back. They enjoy helping others by acting as informal business mentors.

Second Act Final Thoughts

  • Kristin manages a Facebook called The Confident Copywriter. It’s a forum to ask questions and network.
  • Universities and community colleges are good resources to learn how to become an entrepreneur.
  • Kristin’s final thoughts are be open minded and don’t let negativity discourage you.
  • Deriving satisfaction from a second act is a more realistic expectation than making a lot of money.
  • Work on what’s going to make you happy.

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