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L2F 028 The U Curve of Happiness Happiness Increases with Age


Before Claire and I return in September 2021 I have another archived episode for you – The U Curve of Happiness (studies have shown that unhappiness bottoms out at age 47). This one dates back to September 2018 and was released as an episode of the Retire Hoppy podcast. I love this episode for several reasons: the topic which is the U Curve of happiness; that it features my former co-host Roy Weinberg; and the beer segment which is why it’s called the Retire Hoppy podcast. The beer segment features a style of beer – brut IPA – which fortunately never caught on. I hope you enjoy this episode as much more than I enjoyed the brut IPA.  It’s presented exactly as it first appeared as an episode of the Retire Hoppy podcast.

Can The U Curve of Happiness Be A Different Letter?

One of the questions we raise and answer is whether the trajectory of happiness can also resemble a J  or a W?

Get a preview of an upcoming topic –  Statement of Net Worth. The link takes you to an excel file that you can download.

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