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it's about time

L2F 025 It’s About Time Money is Time

PODCAST Show Notes It’s About Time: Pursuing FI One of the great things about FIRE is the insights it offers. You discover different ways of thinking about things such as your relationship with money, lifestyle inflation and time which is the subject of today’s show. The pursuit and achievement of FIRE is not about money.

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early retirement

L2F 024 Early Retirement Our Take on Critical Early Retirement Topics

PODCAST Show Notes Our subject is early retirement. What is early retirement? Adjustments Motivation Is it worth it? Claire’s definition of early retirement is any time before reaching for Social Security benefit age. Early Retirement Adjustments Some of the challenges we faced after retiring earlier include: Retirement is a top 10 stressful life event Relocating

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financial independence

L2F 022 How We Achieved Financial Independence Don't Overlook the Importance of the non-financial factors

PODCAST Show Notes We equate financial independence (FI) with early retirement. We examine our experience from the non-financial and the financial perspectives. The financial perspective follow 5 of the 6 practices for achieving FI from episode 14. The Non-financial Factors of Pursuing Financial Independence Pursuing financial independence requires making changes to your lifestyle which isn’t

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second act

L2F 021 Second Act Entrepreneurship with Kristen Edens Why It's Not Too Late to Start a Business

PODCAST Show Notes Our guest is copyrighter writer and blogger Kristen Edens of Her blog features life after 50: career, family, personal finance and retirement. You can find Kristen on LinkedIn at Kristen Reed Edens. Her Twitter handle is @scribblerKris. Our Topic is Second Act Entrepreneurship She was formerly an exercise physiologist before starting

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gratitude and ambition

L2F 020 Gratitude and Ambition The Role of Gratitude and Ambition in Pursuing FI

PODCAST Show Notes This is our last episode for 2020. Our topic is gratitude and ambition and FIRE Gratitude and Ambition Gratitude is feeling thankful for what you have and not constantly seeking more. When it comes to FIRE, gratitude can help control spending People who practice gratitude are more comfortable with delayed gratification Delaying gratification also helps

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comparing yourself with others

L2F 016 Speaking Our Mind Ted and Claire Discuss Comparing Yourself With Others, Talking about FI During the Pandemic and Claire's Career Break

PODCAST Show Notes Our show features 3 topics that we’ve talked about around the house: comparing yourself with others, is it OK to talk about FIRE during the pandemic and Claire’s career break Topic 1 Comparing Yourself With Others This topic is inspired by one of Shaun’s (Project Palm Tree) weekly postcards which is entitled

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practices to achieve financial independence

L2F 014 The 6 Practices to Achieve Financial Independence

PODCAST Show Notes We open with several announcements FinCon 2020, Long Beach CA, has been cancelled. The next FinCon will be in 2021 in Austin TX Our podcast is now available on Spotify as well as iTunes, TuneIn and PlayerFM. You can begin the subscription process from the Later2FIRE home page. Speaking of which, our

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